Booster Systems & Packaged Pump Sets

CAP Industries' packaged pump sets and booster systems are recognized throughout industry for their practical design, quality construction and ability to meet the most exacting requirements.

Our success is based on our outstanding expertise and our ability to provide a complete pump station solution including:

  • System design (including AutoCAD drawings, independent pump selection and system analysis as required)
  • Mounting of pumps (free-issued or supplied as required)
  • Fabrication and assembly of pipework and manifolds (including any additional site-specific pipework required )
  • Materials and components (including valves, manifolds, pressure tanks, ancillary items)
  • Electrical wiring and function testing of control equipment (standard, custom-built or free-issued)
  • Assembly on a common base plate
  • System testing
    • Function test
    • Hydrostatic test
    • Performance test
    • Onsite commissioning
    • Operator training


Pump types

Our packaged pump sets are custom built and can include any of the following pump types:
  • vertical and horizontal multistage pumps
  • end suction and inline centrifugal pumps
  • submersible pumps
  • turbine pumps
  • split case and long coupled pumps
  • or a combination of the above.

Pump and system control

We offer a wide range of standard or customised control solutions including:
  • cascading pressure control
  • constant pressure control
  • level control
  • flow control
  • temperature control
  • or a combination of the above.


Stainless steel pipe 304/316SS
Stainless steel tube 304/316SS/food grade
Galvanised steel pipe Schedule 20/40

Valves (non-return & isolating)

Threaded valves PN 16/ PN 25/ PN 40
Wafer valves Table D/Table E/PN 16/PN 40
Lugged valves Table E/PN 40


Threaded BSP/NPT
Flanged Table D/Table E
Flanged PN16/PH25/PN40
Flanged ANSI 150/ANSI 300

To view examples of our work, explore our Gallery.