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CAP Industries relocates to Scoresby Industry Park   (04/13)

CAP Industries is pleased to announce that it has relocated to larger premises in the Scoresby Industry Park.

The move represents a major step in the staged expansion of the company that will celebrate its 10 year anniversary later this year.

According to CAP Industries’ Managing Director, Bou Spithoven, the new premises will enable the company to significantly increase its production capacity while at the same catering for the growth of its test facilities. He explains, “Increasing the capacity of our testing facilities has been in the plan for some time, but we needed to ensure the upgrade was undertaken in line with our environmental policy. The new premises enable us to do this.”

CAP Industries will install two large rainwater tanks to meet the demands of the new testing facilities which will also incorporate custom-design software and energy saving control initiatives.  Mr Spithoven states that not only will the unit be able to test at higher pressures and higher flow rates, it will ultimately provide faster, more accurate results. “We have more than doubled our production capacity at our new premises so we really need to support this growth with more efficient testing procedures.”

Efficient workflow and factory layout were also key considerations in the selection of the new premises. Mr Spithoven highlights “we have worked to incorporate many of the latest competitive manufacturing principles in our new factory layout. The end result is a more time and cost effective operation – two key advantages that we are keen to pass on to our customers.”

For more information, see the Contact Us page of our website or email us directly.


New team member boosts internal sales & support   (03/13)

CAP Industries is pleased to announce the addition of its latest team member, Marcus Hanna.

Marcus brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his role of Internal Sales Support, having worked in the electrical and HVAC industries, as well as spending several years as a Technical Support Engineer with ITT Industries/Goulds Pumps in the Middle East.  Marcus is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and boasts strong skills in electrical and control systems and customer support.


Supporting the modern irrigator   (09/12)

The pump industry is no stranger to the complex and sometimes conflicting considerations faced by today's irrigator. Dropping water pressures, ageing irrigation systems, changes in technology and ongoing budgetary constraints are just some of the realities that can intrude upon even the most dedicated efforts to achieve efficient irrigation. Combine this with the nation-wide focus on energy and water reform and it's easy to see why choosing the right pump or pumping system is just one in a very long list of considerations for the modern irrigator....  Visit the pump industry magzine for complete article.





 Achieving Irrigation Efficiency: How can it be done?   (08/12)

The term “irrigation efficiency” is a popular one today, and without doubt, it is also the goal of the modern irrigator. However, as most operators can attest, achieving this ideal state involves a great deal more than just plugging the leaks in your system. 

It was with this in mind that CAP Industries joined with irrigation products giant, Toro Australia and leading irrigation consultants, HydroPlan, to deliver last month’s Achieving irrigation efficiency – How can it be done? workshop at the Geelong Conference Centre.

According to Alicia Spithoven, Marketing Manager with CAP Industries, the workshop had a number of objectives. “We wanted the day to be as practical, informative and most importantly, relevant to the attendees as possible” she explained. “All of our presenters had to adhere to two key requirements – real-life examples and absolutely no branding or sales talk!”

Keynote speakers for the day included Dr Dale Browne from E2 Design Lab and Mr Richard Dilena from the City of Greater Geelong (pictured). Other highlights included a session during which the findings of an audit conducted on Geelong’s Drysdale Oval were presented to panel members for discussion and of course the free lunch!

A sincere thanks to all who made the day possible. Congratulations also to the Wyndham Shire Council – the lucky winner of the free irrigation and pump system audit. Plans are currently underway for the next workshop to be held later this year. Contact us for more information. 


 Top ten tips for pump system maintenance - October 2011

Without doubt, the summer season tends to represent a period of peak demand for most pump system operators.

The following Top Ten Tips for Pump System Maintenance have been developed to help operators across a wide range of industries ensure that not only their pumps, but their entire pump system is in the best position to meet the demands of the coming months.

  1. Check the air pressure in your pressure tank. The pressure tank helps ensure smooth operation of your pumping system and reduces cycling, prolonging the life of your pumps and motors. For best results, the air pressure must be maintained at the correct levels, typically this is 10% below the start pressure of the system.
  2. Ensure any non return/one way valves are operating correctly. Often these are the highest wearing part of your system and can have a big impact on system performance if they are worn or leaking.
  3. Check and clear all hydraulic lines to any pressure switches and/or pressure transducers.
  4. Check the operation of any isolation valves. Ensure these are fully open and clear of obstruction to help ensure you achieve maximum performance from your pump.
  5. Check your individual pumps for any indication of reduced performance and general wear and tear. Checking the individual pump current draw and shut off head is a good place to start. Look for leaking mechanical seals and noisy bearings. Regrease bearings if applicable. The majority of control systems assume that the hydraulic performance each pump in a system is the same. Any variation, if undetected, may interfere with the correct operation of the pump control system.
  6. Check the operation of any filters or strainers on the system to ensure no blockages. Even self cleaning filters should be manually cleaned at least once per year.
  7. Review your system parameters and setpoints to ensure your pump system is still meeting your site requirements and remains within performance limits of the pumps.
  8. Have the operation of the cooling fan in your control panel checked. An ineffective fan could lead to overheating in your switchboard and ultimately render your control system inoperable.
  9. Similarly, take a look the condition of the filters in the vents of your control panel to ensure uninterrupted airflow. This very simple maintenance issue is often overlooked and could mean the difference between a working control panel and one that will overheat.
  10. Finally, consider the general condition of all cable connections in your switchboard.* Vibration, deterioration and oxidation can all impact on the viability of your panel as can any bugs, spiders or spider’s webs that may have built up over the year!

*IMPORTANT: All maintenance on your control panel/switchboard should be conducted by a licensed electrician.

For help with any of these items, or for further information on any aspect of pump system maintenance, contact us.


Raising the benchmark in pump control - May 2011 (Country News May 2011)

Whether it is drought conditions, flood conditions or something in between, the challenges faced by today's irrigators are ever increasing. Urban and rural irrigators across Australia are looking to suppliers to help address demands for more efficent system operation, increasing regulatory and reporting requirements, rising energy costs and limited water supplies.

The iCON controller was designed with this in more


iCON pump controller hits the shelves - March 2011

The drive to achieve better, more effective control of pumps and pump stations is to receive a huge boost following the release of the new iCON pump controller from CAP Industries.

The iCON pump controller is an easy to use, flexible pump control solution with versions available for pressure control, level control and variable speed control more


CAP Industries launches new website - June 2010

CAP Industries is pleased to announce the launch of its new website:

Featuring a fresh new look, improved navigation, and a dedicated downloads area the new site has been designed with usability in more


CAP Industries to exhibit at Irrigation Australia - May 2010

CAP Industries is pleased to confirm that it will be exhibiting at the Australian Irrigation Conference and Exhibition in Sydney’s Darling Harbour next month.

The combined conference and exhibition is the largest event of its kind in the southern more


RWP Rainwater Systems granted Smart Approved Watermark - January 2009

CAP Industries is pleased to announce that it has been granted Smart Approved WaterMark for its RWP and RWPi series of rainwater pump systems.

The Smart Approved WaterMark scheme is Australia’s outdoor water saving labelling programme for products and services that help to reduce water use in and around the more