Rainwater Pump Systems

Rainwater Pump (RWP) systems are the ideal pump system for your rainwater harvesting application.

Flexible and easy-to-use, RWP systems provide automatic and immediate switching between tank and mains water supply.  Installed throughout Australia in applications ranging from domestic housing to schools and community halls, the RWP system offer a number of unique and significant advantages including:

  • Systems are custom-built to incorporate your choice of pump
  • No use or mixing of mains water when rainwater is available
  • Standard solutions cater for higher than normal flow rates
  • System automatically switches to mains water in the event of a power failure
  • Systems are available in two configurations for greater control over where mains water is used:
    • RWP configuration – mains supplied as backup for all services connected to system
    • RWPi configuration – unique dual outlet design provides mains back-up for essential services only (eg toilet and laundry use).

CAP Industries’ commercial rainwater pump systems are designed to meet the higher pressure and higher volume requirements of large rainwater harvesting systems.

Commercial RWP Systems

Each one is custom-built to suit site-specific requirements and offers a number of benefits:
  • Caters for flow rates up to 360 l/m
  • Incorporate vertical multi-stage stainless steel pump for quiet and efficient operation
  • Optional variable speed control
  • Suitable for above ground tanks
  • Available in RWP or RWPi configurations

For further information, download our RWP Products Brochure or Contact Us now.